Length: How I got it

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Length is something hard to come by, and once you get it, you hold on awful tight, not so tight that you break it mind, but with a strong enough grip that you retain that sought-after length. That’s what I’m doing anyway. How, you ask? With my all-natural hair conditioners, the one that got me to this very stage: Length.

Length isn’t just about long hair (I mean it really is!), but also helping to restore moisture to dry locks, hair that is broken

I have two natural hair conditioners, but Length is what I swear by, what I’ve given to others who have raved about how much stronger and healthier their hair looks and feels. I mean it when I say I believe in the strength of nature, the proof is quite literally in the (big hair) poof.

At the base of Length is shea butter, along with other carrier oils, which have been proven to stimulate growth, repair cuticles, and soften hair.

Black castor oil


Black castor oil is an antiseptic, anti inflammatory oil, derived from the castor plant. It stimulates prostglandins which are in certain parts of the body including the scalp. Some say this is the reason why it triggers hair growth. I won’t make such claims, but it’s got my hair this long.

Avocado oil


High in fatty acids and vitamin E, avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft, allowing hair to retain oil post-shampoo, smoothing cuticles, so it doesn’t feel dry because the cuticles are quite literally smoothed down by oil which is absorbed by hair, forming a protective layer on every strand (straighteners come try it! Jokes, no heat. Whatsoever).

Now, what’s really helped my hair are the essential oils I use in Length. It is rich in lavender, rosemary and cammomile essential oils from those gorgeous flowering plants.

Lavender calms tense scalps and relaxes stressed hair thanks to its properties. But it’s not just a relaxing oil.

I recently read a study where alopecia areata patients massaged their scalps daily for 7 months. Half of the patients used lavender essential lavender oil during the massage, and reported considerably hair re-growth over the control group that simply used scalp massage alone. I’m not taking this as gospel, but it’s interesting no?

Rosemary, rich in antioxidants is a natural stimulant and has been purported to boost hair growth. I don’t believe the hype, but my research shows that rosemary is in fact an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial oil, so any itchiness, dryness, or soreness (dandruff/ psoriasis), will be obliterated once you use this (I’ve suffered in the past and now boast a dandruff-free scalp!).

Rosemary also promotes blood circulation when applied to the scalp. I’m really not a fan of ridiculous claims, but my hair hasn’t been longer.

Cammomile soothes sore scalps and naturally softens hair thanks to its high concentration of a-bisabolol which promotes granulation (healing), is an natural anti-inflammatory oil and is also a great tissue regenerator.

I washed my hair yesterday and put Length all over. Note this is about 10 minutes post-shower (with nothing in my hair), and below is 15 minutes after working the product through my hair.

Holding on tight; this is my hair, I’m looking after it, I want it to be long, strong, healthy and just beautiful because it’s one less thing I have to think about.

Deets on my other product coming soon. Until then, feel free to ask me all about Length.

You’ve grown 

Hair results

Morning kittens. I straightened my hair as you saw in my second to last post, but it wasn’t quite straight-straight. Dead straight I’m talkin’.

So I straightened it again (went over it with straighteners). To be honest, this is how it is with my hair. The first time I wash it, my hair is flat and the curls aren’t to my liking. It takes about two days for it to naturally get to how I like it. The same can be said for when I starighten it.

My hair is straight today (Monday). I straightened it on Tuesday. Is it the same for you other naturalistas who try straightening your curls before you decide to revive those curls again?


Now I’d like to discuss my results considering I’ve been using my own all-natural hair conditioner to ensure strength and length for a year now.

I’m unashamedly selfish, and looking after my hair, essentially myself, makes me feel good. Disclaimer over.


Back to my hair. Was it easier to straighten after using only natural products? After two years of avoiding heat (not even a hairdryer)? Maybe. My hair was softer, definitely. And took about an hour and forty minutes to straighten. The answer? Coconut, Shea and essential oils. But it’s the quantities that matter. I cannot stress how mindful you must be re eo’s, but I digress.

Everyone at work had a bit of a moment when I came in, a few oohs and ahhs, but mostly questions, funny people. In my year and ten months at work I’ve kept it curly.

What concerns me is that they like it. Most people like it. I like it. But I also love it curly. Bah. Satisfy the masses? Look pretty? I’ll openly admit I kept it straight for a while because my ex liked it. I couldn’t feel more like fuck that. Purely selfish, curious reasons this time – did I say it’s been two years?

I know my ends don’t look too good, but I’m not fussed. I’ll no doubt trim the ends myself before I give way to my curls again.

Until then, flipping my own hair, feeling like Barbie.

Festive feels

Hair results

Ahhh the festive season is here. It’s less than a week away from Christmas, both of my sisters are in London, they’re headed home tomorrow and then I literally drive home for Xmas! Not actually true, I’ll be getting the train b/c my car is at home, but yno.

Last weekend I woke up early, showered and put on my ‘Sunday’ outfit to nip to the farmers market. I’m sure everyone has such outfits: the whatever it is you’re wearing to grab groceries. I typically find myself in workout clothes, trainers too because I tend to work out / run after said shop.

Enough of my outfit and thrilling weekend activities, I absolutely loved my hair. The night before I’d washed my hair, got all the knots out through finger-combing (which I rarely practise), and slathered my hair in Remedy by Three Blends.

The results? Well, what are your thoughts? I loved it.

I left the conditioner in my hair for five days. See the process: my hair is up. I leave it like this for two days, if you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll know that this is normal for me. But I’d just like to say that during this gorgeous family and festive period I wanted my hair to look lush.

So I took my hair out.

That was Friday. Yesterday my hair was just as lovely.

This weekend has been pretty chilled so today (Sunday), and in spite of yesterday’s loveliness my hair was a back-a-bush as per, five days after my shampoo process.

Today, Sunday, I’ve put my hair up. I haven’t done anything to it. I gave it a quick rinse, not a proper one where my hair is soaking, just a quick one under the shower head, bit of a dry, and put it up in a bun. I just cba with putting stuff in it. You know those kind of days? It’s Sunday after all, and I just want to relax. Can’t imagine what my hair will look like tomorrow morning (albeit hopefully stretched).

Hair though

Hair results

Drumroll please. After my hair being up all week, this is the result: big, wild, all soft.   I love my hair like this. Love the way it falls; how it hangs; how it opens up like a wild flower. 

The photos below however, are not the result of my normal process.   I put my hair up in a bun on Wednesday (in Rio), and around 24 hours later, I was back on British soil, with a potentially-perfect head of hair. That wasn’t quite the case though. I hated the smell. Un-organic, I wanted my conditioner, my Rosemary/vanilla/lime.

So I washed the conditioner out and coated it in my sweet-blend conditioner on Thursday eve, and left it up in a bun for about 12 hours.

 I took it out and it was gorgeous albeit a tad damp, totes fine. I did however, put it up again after about 5 hours and the next day, it looked like this: 

 Happy days. 

 Love it when my hair finally plays ball. 

  Big and bouncy. Toothy too.



Hair results

  I’ve been busy. Working. Moving. Here’s an update of my hair at Monday’s conference. Thoughts?

I loved it, but my scalp has been a bit itchy this week – I think it’s the stress if I’m honest. 

I wrapped my hair in a silk scarf last night. Thoughts bunnies: 

Has anyone else tried hair-wrapping and woke with the hair of their dreams? 

Please comment/advise because I literally dream about hair that touches my ass.

Olive oil mask

Hair results

 Okay so wow.

Thanks to Clfatgirl I tried an olive-oil mask on my hair. Here are the results:

I couldn’t be happier! I’ll admit I had a little bit of conditioner in my hair, but it was the time where I’d have washed it and completed my conditoning routine, but instead I decided to coat my hair in olive oil.

I left it in for 36 hours and took it out this morning.

I couldn’t be happier, loving this hair-sharing community. So so happy. Thank you!

Let’s keep sharing! 

Nothin’ Was The Same

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Okay so you know how I said my hair was a dream the other night? That was short-lived. I did bugger all to my hair when I got in – I just fell asleep. 

Surprise surprise, Saturday morning it didn’t look too good. I know it’s because I hadn’t put enough product in it, hence the slight fluffy, yet-soft head of hair I rocked. 

So I began the process. 

As you can see, it was daylight – that was Saturday morning and I happily had my hair up in a neat bun. I’d ran out of my own hair conditioner, but thankfully I had just enough to cover the remaining half of my hair that, though damp, looked awful. So, the motion. 

A whole 24 hours later I took my hair out (normal for me).   

 However these were the results. Still-damp in places, conditioner dense, flat (just because it hasn’t dried out enough yet), hair. Nah.


So I put it back up and went shopping

That was around midday. It’s now 7.30pm. Isn’t it funny how sometimes, even if you do the exact same process (and use the same products – not strictly true in this case, but still), the results vary? Crazy eh?

I’ll remove the elastic and wrap it in an old t shirt tonight. Excited to see and share my results tomorrow! 

My process

Hair results, Mornings, The Motion

This is how I do it.    

Whilst I’m in the shower I rinse my hair and rub the roots; I no longer use shampoo. Instead I hold my head under the shower and rinse My hair for about 5 minutes. 

Post-shower and the gentlest towel-dry (just so it’s not dripping everywhere), I work the conditioner through my hair, starting at my roots and running through to the ends.


I try and stretch it out, whilst being as gentle as possible. This usually takes about 5 minutes if I’m really taking my time, but this photo was taken when I was getting ready for work: I had 8 minutes exactly. 

Once my hair is nicely conditioned, u out it up in a bun. It looks light a tight one, but you wouldn’t believe, it’s easy to wrap your hair in a bun, by carefully twisting it up.  

I usually do this before work – it takes me no more than 10 minutes for me to really work the conditioner through my hair would you believe. I then leave it in a bun, up for the whole day and sleep on it. 

– I’ve yet to invest in silk pillows or consider wrapping my hair before bed to maintain curl prettiness, but like I said, this is my process. I’ll update you when I change it. 

The following day I’ll leave my hair up, usually until the evening, when I take it out and it looks like this:

As you can see there’s a touch of product on my hair -I usually leave it and within the hour it just moisturises in, I don’t do a damn thing! 

Ignore my face, I had suncream on. 

Thoughts on my hair – do you guys like it? 

I’ve been considering changing up my process by wrapping my hair in some sort of cloth / old t shirt, for those times when I sleep on my hair and it’s a bit damp (I hate such times). 

Please share your thoughts fellow hair-bunnies. I’m considering shipping my hair conditioner out to a few fellow bloggers in the next few weeks. If you’d like some, get in touch. 


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I love that happy and relieved sigh that comes with good hair. You unwrap / let it down / untwist and hold your breath for the worst, but when it goes like this >>>>>>> everything is just bloody fantastic.

Call it vanity, but if you don’t have hair like mine, or Afro hair, you simply don’t understand. The struggle is real and when I say it’s a relief that your hair looks good, it fucking is.
  But more about the story behind this hair. It was my friend’s birthday and I had planned on having my hair out (!) no cause for alarm, it just meant I needed to prepare. I had ‘washed’ my hair and put plenty of conditioner in it on Friday morning (the day before). Only Saturday afternoon (4.30pm) did I take my hair out, and in my opinion, it came out lovely.

Time is essential when it comes to the look and feel of my hair. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s a key factor with my hair. Firstly you need to be patient. Then you must allow the conditioner to do its work. That means thoroughly putting enough in your hair and leaving it to condition. It sounds obvious, but I cannot tell you the amount of times I have hurriedly put conditioner in my hair and the results were dire (white blobs through damp/dry/lank hair).

This seems rather tedious I know. Waiting, hoping and praying for good hair, but my hair is in the best condition of its life, so I’m sharing.

So we’d been out for about 8 hours following the untwist of my hair. When we got back home around 12.30 my hair looked like this:

I couldn’t complain. It has bushed a little, but I like that kind of body. It had basically retained its shape and stayed big. I really think it’s due to both the time it was ‘held’ in one place thanks to the bun, but also quality if my hair conditioner.

To achieve hair like this I used Avalon Organics Rosemary Volumising Conditioner. It’s thick and coats hair with natural ingredients including hair-loving essential oils.

Interestingly with the above picture my hair was dry as it could be considering I’d not put any conditioner anywhere near my head for 6 days. Amazingly, however, it looked like this. Now I like it when my hair does this. It’s typically like this after 5 days of not washing, but I might put something in it. Clearly my hair was thriving on what was in it initially and it stayed good! Whoo!!!

Do you remember the time?


WHEN WE FELL IN LOVE? Do ya? Ah do ya? Bada-bap-dada, do ya? WOO! 

I have had coffee this morning. Slightly stupid because I never drink it because it makes me HIGH as a kite, but I need to be sprightly this morning. Anyways…hair. 

I thought I’d throw back to last week. My hair looked like this: 

This is with plenty of my home made conditioner run through my hair the day before, post wash (I’ll explain how I wash my hair in another post), it being put in a bun all day and sleeping on it. 

That was my hair all of Saturday. Sunday it looked like this:

Pretty much the same but a tad drier, as expected. The sun was out all day on Saturday and I’d been tanning my limbs.

Now while I like my hair in the above shots, I LOVE it when it dries out a bit more and has more softness and movement. This takes time. Tuesday my hair looked like this: 

See what I mean? So having your hair just how you like it, is, usually a process for me. 

How long does it take for you to love your hair? Post wash and condition? Do share.