Last night

Hair results

You know when you’re out, you know your hair will choose its own path as the night continues, but as the night draws to an end and you check yourself in the mirror and you realise your hair has stayed good all night? That happened to me on Friday 😀 

I didn’t have much product in my hair at all, just enough to keep it in a cute bun. But yesterday post-jog, I took it out and absolutely loved the results. Big, soft, lovely hair. 

That was at 1.50pm exactly because I’d just got back into work after lunch. 

I was out for another 12 hours. Hair stayed lovely and big to my delight. 

As the night wore on I didn’t notice the moisture coming out of my hair as opposed to it feeling a little (tiny), bit drier. I also noted that my hair was leaving a little bit of oil on my hands. This doesn’t happen when I use Avalon Organics or Sukin, so I’ve realised I need to amend the ingredients I use in my own blend first. 

I will keep you guys posted re the final product I’ll be shipping out to fellow hair bloggers that would like to try my home-made hair conditioner, under my company name Shamrock and Lime.


Hair today v last week

Hair results, Home made, Natural cknditioner

So, I’ve practiced the exact same process I go through with my hair to get it to hang and look exactly how I like it, but interestingly today I have different results (AND LOVE IT!)


Hair today


Sorry about the face



Today it’s bigger, slightly drier and it looks longer? I don’t know how. Perhaps I unconsciously realised last week I may have had too much product in my hair? But it looked so good?


About a week ago

Note this is the second time I’ve used the batch of my home-made rose and lime leave in conditioner, unlike my typical Rosemary batch.

God I love it

Thoughts people.

Do you get varying results too? I’d love to hear from you.