Hair though

Hair results

Drumroll please. After my hair being up all week, this is the result: big, wild, all soft.   I love my hair like this. Love the way it falls; how it hangs; how it opens up like a wild flower. 

The photos below however, are not the result of my normal process.   I put my hair up in a bun on Wednesday (in Rio), and around 24 hours later, I was back on British soil, with a potentially-perfect head of hair. That wasn’t quite the case though. I hated the smell. Un-organic, I wanted my conditioner, my Rosemary/vanilla/lime.

So I washed the conditioner out and coated it in my sweet-blend conditioner on Thursday eve, and left it up in a bun for about 12 hours.

 I took it out and it was gorgeous albeit a tad damp, totes fine. I did however, put it up again after about 5 hours and the next day, it looked like this: 

 Happy days. 

 Love it when my hair finally plays ball. 

  Big and bouncy. Toothy too.



Do you remember the time?


WHEN WE FELL IN LOVE? Do ya? Ah do ya? Bada-bap-dada, do ya? WOO! 

I have had coffee this morning. Slightly stupid because I never drink it because it makes me HIGH as a kite, but I need to be sprightly this morning. Anyways…hair. 

I thought I’d throw back to last week. My hair looked like this: 

This is with plenty of my home made conditioner run through my hair the day before, post wash (I’ll explain how I wash my hair in another post), it being put in a bun all day and sleeping on it. 

That was my hair all of Saturday. Sunday it looked like this:

Pretty much the same but a tad drier, as expected. The sun was out all day on Saturday and I’d been tanning my limbs.

Now while I like my hair in the above shots, I LOVE it when it dries out a bit more and has more softness and movement. This takes time. Tuesday my hair looked like this: 

See what I mean? So having your hair just how you like it, is, usually a process for me. 

How long does it take for you to love your hair? Post wash and condition? Do share.