Hair results

You know when you don’t really plan for nice hair because your plans are fluid right now and you might go out, but you might not, depends on your feelings, yeah? 


 Well I might be out tomorrow, haven’t really thought about my hair. But I like it this morning.

Unprepared, but I’ve got soft, tumbling curls? Yes to today!    

 I used Akin avocado conditioner in my hair yesterday morning. Hair up all day. Slept on it, took it out this morning expecting it to be a bit dry, but nah, loving my morning hair!  

  Readers, do you have such fortuitous times where your hair is just lovely even though you haven’t gone through your usual process and haven’t thought twice and your hair for any particular event? I am grateful for such times! 

Promise I’ll do a post about Akin products tonight. 




So I’m starting a hair blog.

Let me just explain how this isnt a narcissistic post, but my story on how and my i stopped straightening my naturally curly hair, and how its becomd longer, stronger and bigger (yay), than before.

Now that the disclaimers done… I moved to London in April 2014. The previous Christmas I said I wouldn’t straighten my hair for a year. A year and eight months on and my hair has not been in contact with any heat apart from the glorious sun, when I’ve been on holiday.

Not straightening my hair was a big deal. Huge. I was always the twin with the straight hair. I hated the annoying, hard-to-get-a-brush-through curls that just wouldn’t look pretty. Looking back now,  I was simply impatient.

Isn’t hindsight wonderful? Anyways, I’d been turning to natural body butters and oils for about five years and started to research the benefits of  certain oils for my hair. It made sense not just to add them to my hair conditioner, but buying the oils and applying them to my scalp and waiting for the miraculous results. The results weren’t miraculous, not the first few times where I’d put oil on my scalp in the vain hope my curls would somehow define themselves.  Nah, it takes time, but mostly a willingness on your part. Hair needs both water and oil to make an emulsion – this I only realised about a year ago when I first made my own conditioner, 100% natural conditioner that I absolutely love and will always use. I say that, but just sometimes, if I’ve run out of my own typically and I’m low on igredients, I’ll turn to natural brands: Avalon Organics rosemary conditioner and Sukin Organics protein conditioner.
I absolutely adore the rosemary Avalon Organics  conditioner, not least because rosemary is fantastic for dry hair and penetrators the hair shaft, but it conditions my hair so well and leaves my curls defined for a whole week (I’m really not exaggerating).

With Sukin it’s all about the smell. It’s just lovely and I always get  compliments on my hair when I use it. Yes it makes my hair conditioned for up to four days, which is nice because who can be arsed conditioning their hair every day? But it smells just lovely, with a blend of rose, vanilla and other essentials that make it sweet and herbal.

I’ll talk more about the products I use later, but my point is that curly hair needs both oil and water, not just oil as I found out on numerous occasions. This is helped through an emulsifier,  which is in every conditioner on the market because it blends oil and water resulting in the white creamy stuff that you put on your hair post -shampoo.

I feel as though I both have and haven’t said all I’d like to, but this is my update until now.

Please comment and share your hair story, why did you decide to go natural? Are you transitioning? I’d love to know.

Lets go back


Here’s a time line of my hair story. It’s been a mix of trial and error regarding products, but not o lying have I found not straightening my hair again made my hair grow faster than before, but happiness. I’m serious. Like the song goes, if you’re happy and you know it clap you hands. I have plenty to clap, no sing about these days.

I know it’s only a few photos but as you can see by the third photo my hair was considerably longer than what it had been.

I’ll post some recent pictures, but just to illustrate my point, length takes time and although it had been just under a year (10 months in fact), my hair was longer than it had been in years. And it keeps growing.