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So I’m back. Hello England. 

That’s how I went to work on Monday. Slightly more rested thanks to a totally chilled Sunday (I landed on Saturday evening), but this is how I looked on Sunday morning, after rising at 6am and realising I was grateful to be alive.

I was pissed on Saturday night about being home and away from my darling sisters, but the following morning, I was, in fact, the most relaxed, happy and satisfied I’d been in a long time.

Oh and why the bun? I needed to wash my hair. I actually washed it too, with this shampoo: Sukin protein shampoo. It has a natural, herbal, creamy scent, which I love.

I then decided to keep my hair up the rest of the week. It feels like I’ve been back for ages when I look at these pictures. It’s only been four days at work (!) but I am so ready for the weekend. I took my hair out yesterday, after it has been up for two days.

But after changing during lunch time, for a fancy soirée, I thought I’d put it back up:

The photo isn’t the best, but my ends seemed dry, I didn’t need that. What do you guys think? Hair up for a work ‘do, I thought was suitably appropriate and really helped my hair; today my hair has felt so soft and nourished; I think it needed that extra day of moisture soaking in.

So my hair has been up all week. Unexpected, unplanned, but I like it. I guess after a week of sunshine my hair needed the hair-mask approach I’ve unintentionally been practising all week.

Do you guys ever do this? Unintentionally nourish your hair?

Today it’s gorgeous, big and gorgeous, I’ll show you later.



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Big news: I’m launching the Three Blends haircare range! 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out a few variations of the hair conditioners I’ve always wanted and I’ve fallen for the results. 

Unlike the stuff I’ve made in the past, thanks to a lot of trial and error, I can proudly announce that Three Blends products are flawless: a 100% organic, vegan, thick, luxurious cream that smells wonderful and does just as good thanks to the properties of the oils I have used.

They’re made for hair like mine and I can’t wait to share it all with everyone! 

The results speak for themselves.

Happiness and light found in the face of danger. Continuing to pray re this weekend’s tragedy – Paris.


Work hair

I love a new look. Braids, in any shape or form have been my recent love. I adore a cute / neat / dressed up or down braided look.    I’ll admit that I’m slightly obsessed with Zoe Kravitz, alas I do not have he energy to plait single braids all over my head. Call it laziness, but when I have a whole spare day, I’ll do it. Until then, I’m favouring the much-hated look as a child – two cornrows.

I think it’s because I now have the confidence to enjoy my natural hair
and frankly don’t care what others think so much.
I have embraced my natural hair, but I am also keen to try other styles and treatments that protect, soften and flatter my unruly curls.
Two days after having my hair braided I thought I’d brush it out, rinse, ‘wash’ and go back to my normal style for a work event. 

  After my hair was up in a not-so-tight bun I took it out, and honestly, wasn’t too happy with the results.
It was dry, small, and, poofy. I hate it when it looks like this. Admittedly I’d used a store-bought conditioner that just doesn’t contain the amount of oils I’m used to. 

 It worked for the evening however. 

Do you guys often braid your hair – for reasons other than out of pure functionality? I love a familiar look, but I’m partial to change. Open to it, even. 

R i o

The Motion

I’m in Brazil. I’m in Rio. The heat is wonderful. I planned on having my hair out this entire week. We were at the beach yesterday. Plan aborted.

I had pretty beach hair for all of an hour. Call it typical or just plain careless; after forgetting that the sea does what it likes and falling prey to its predatory tactics, my entire head was a sea salty thing of beauty after an unsuspecting wave knocked me forwards. That lasted 5 minutes as I went from mermaid to bush-tucker outback jungle with no-brush person.

Not to freak out whilst on a work trip I made a beeline for the nearest pharmacy and found what seemed to be the most organic, although written in Portuguese, I let my nose guide me and found a decent hair conditioner.

Instead of doing my usual routine I washed the sand out of my hair and plumped for this look: 
Thoughts? I only planned on plaiting the two front bits because I wanted kinky waves, but then I just carried on. I like it a lot. Whether it’s protective or not, I don’t care it makes me feel neat and pretty.

It also is a life-saver of a style when you’re worried that any former effort you may have put in, so your hair is an a receivable state, doesn’t go to waste (current feels).

Do you have any cute styles that you fall back on when your hair isn’t playing nice, or when external factors are against you? That bloody sea and its predatory tactics.

wpid-20151011_172640.jpgwpid-20151011_172646.jpgI’m quite happy with it. Unsure of how I’ll feel/ it will look once I take it out. I’ll undo the plaits tomorrow and update. 

Til then I’m resitng. Rio is wonderful, but the heat tires me, oh.

Dealing with the ignorant


Firstly, it’s just hair,  something that naturally grows out of my head,  like every othee human being,  unless you have some sort of condition, hair grows.

I need not explain that because of my parents parents being from Ireland and Jamaica,  my hair is curly, not afro, not bushy, curly.

imageRecently a work colleague asked what the ‘craziest’ thing was that ‘got stuck’ in my hair. I resisted he urge to punch him, face palm and scream in frustration because I am an adult and no one gets anywhere with anger.

I like to think I’m a respectable individual who refrains from rolling around in the grass too often, putting things like yogurt, chocolate,  peanut butter and all things good and wet, anywhere but my mouth and generally not dragging myself through a bush, lest my person becomes stickied, hurt, or otherwise attacked by wildlife.

So when faced with the question, how did I answer? Calmly I’ll have you know. I explained that I don’t put things in my hair that shouldn’t be there. A comb to separate, a brush to detangle, and most obviously product, I then asked: what do you guys put in your hair?

I know He was hoping I’d say a bike, or more realistically, a brick,  a carton of juice perhaps. As he sat there crestfallen, others jumped in asking if I’d not put pencils, or a shoe in my hair? Maybe that’s what they get up to in their spare time,  but, for safety reasons alone, I’d rather not.

In hindsight I realise I probably should have punched him and explained that not only does he come across as dumb,  ignorant and immature, the word racist resounds in my head. 

I can only hope he asks the wrong person one day, and maybe then he’ll understand.