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Well hallo there! Good evening readers and Happy New Year, from jolly old England.


These photos were actually taken in Berlin, which was vunderbar, danke! My German is slightly off, but it got us around well enough, thanks to trying and a little effort. Everyone loves a trier, even if my syntax was a little off. 


I was also pretty happy with my hair. The day we left for Berlin I coated my hair in Remedy and put it up in a tight bun. I slept with my hair up. The pictures show my hair on the third day in glorious West Berlin, but I took it out after the first. 

On the second day it was beaut – long, stretched and slightly heavy with product, which is just how I like it. But I prefer it when it’s like this: slightly drier, bigger and softer. 


As you can see, it just sort of looks the same as always when I practise the process of wash, put conditioner in it whilst damp and put it up, where it becomes stretched and pretty.


But I love it like this. And it’s just how I like it, not to mention how I wanted to ring out the year, when I was with my sisters, exploring a new city. 

Is that so bad? I like what I like and I don’t think that’s so terrible, right? I like my hair, and it’s progress has been real.


So here’s to celebrating what you have. The present might not be exactly where you want to be and for many, the present is seen as a constant form of progress.

But I’m thankful, as you can see with my darling sisters, my loves, my two best friends who celebrate their hair, weave or not. Yes we’re all a bit like eugh when will my hair grow, but we are all thankful for what we have. I didn’t mean for this post to be like this, but hallo 2016.  

We are here. Coming at ya from beautiful Berlin, where it was freaking cool. So chilled, so relaxed and the food was superb!


And for some happiness comes in waves, but I’m telling you it’s a constant, irrespective of hair length, when I’m with my babies. 

Mind blown

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I love me some education and learning about emulsions is an eye opener. I thought I knew all about emulsifying  waxes. Nah.

Yno when you look on the back of products and see cetearyl alcohol and think eugh that sounds dodge, but no. It’s just an emulsifier. 

I keep throwing this word around. For those that don’t know emulsifiers are the ingredients which combine water and oil. If you’re making your own products they’re your bread and butter. 

Each emulsifier is different however. I’ve experimented with olive oil-based emulsifier before thinking Ooh-natural. But it just comes off greasy and in the non-absorbent way. 

So instead I’m plumping for the natural sister emulsifier. Emu-lotion and Neals Yard natural emulsifier. I’ll post the results of the products before I send new samples out prior to the final product being dispatched.

Oh and my hair today. I took it out. I really really like it like this. Big, natural, Remedy leave-in conditioner has been absorbed, and it’s perfectly dry. I know that sounds silly, but wet hair, though gorgeous, doesn’t stay like that for long. It dries out, and the result is usually less-pretty than what it was at its damp stage.   


But I love this. 

I don’t usually post stuff about my family, but in the spirit of variety, I thought I’d show you how different our hair is, and share a little of our day. 

We went shopping. And had really good lunch at Selfridges. 

Happy holidays

Abu Dhabi pt.2

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Winter has well and truly set in. In the UK anyway, so I’m throwing this back to three weeks ago, where my hair was soaking up the rays of the Arabian desert this side of the UAE and my whole soul was drinking up the warmth that is Abu Dhabi.  
In this part of the world you need suglasses 24/7. Yes. Promise to talk about my hair now.

What are your thoughts on it? The above and below photos are my hair results after being coated in Three Blends Dreamy hair conditioner. 

In the overhead photos my hair was drying out, three days after being in Abu Dhabi. I like it. Think the sun helps.

You already know about the above hair results because of my video in my last post. 

But my hair below was the results of it being ‘out’ of the process I practice in order to yield pretty hair that doesn’t scare the kids. It was also the last day of my holiday, oh and that’s when we went to the Grand Prix. 


Or yalla (c’mere, hurry, come on!)