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 Washed my hair this morning, put Three Blends Remedy leave-in conditioner in and left it. Barely patted my hair dry post-shower because I was in such a rush to get to work (ha!) I worked it through my hair and allowed it, flat and everything, to just dry naturally. 

After 4 hours it had puffed up a tiny bit and my curls look awfully defined. Didn’t think I’d like it like this, but I do. 

After the above shot I thought I’d put it up because I want my long, stretched-out familiar curls for a family get together on the 27th. 

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Abu Dhabi pt.2

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Winter has well and truly set in. In the UK anyway, so I’m throwing this back to three weeks ago, where my hair was soaking up the rays of the Arabian desert this side of the UAE and my whole soul was drinking up the warmth that is Abu Dhabi.  
In this part of the world you need suglasses 24/7. Yes. Promise to talk about my hair now.

What are your thoughts on it? The above and below photos are my hair results after being coated in Three Blends Dreamy hair conditioner. 

In the overhead photos my hair was drying out, three days after being in Abu Dhabi. I like it. Think the sun helps.

You already know about the above hair results because of my video in my last post. 

But my hair below was the results of it being ‘out’ of the process I practice in order to yield pretty hair that doesn’t scare the kids. It was also the last day of my holiday, oh and that’s when we went to the Grand Prix. 


Or yalla (c’mere, hurry, come on!)

R i o

The Motion

I’m in Brazil. I’m in Rio. The heat is wonderful. I planned on having my hair out this entire week. We were at the beach yesterday. Plan aborted.

I had pretty beach hair for all of an hour. Call it typical or just plain careless; after forgetting that the sea does what it likes and falling prey to its predatory tactics, my entire head was a sea salty thing of beauty after an unsuspecting wave knocked me forwards. That lasted 5 minutes as I went from mermaid to bush-tucker outback jungle with no-brush person.

Not to freak out whilst on a work trip I made a beeline for the nearest pharmacy and found what seemed to be the most organic, although written in Portuguese, I let my nose guide me and found a decent hair conditioner.

Instead of doing my usual routine I washed the sand out of my hair and plumped for this look: 
Thoughts? I only planned on plaiting the two front bits because I wanted kinky waves, but then I just carried on. I like it a lot. Whether it’s protective or not, I don’t care it makes me feel neat and pretty.

It also is a life-saver of a style when you’re worried that any former effort you may have put in, so your hair is an a receivable state, doesn’t go to waste (current feels).

Do you have any cute styles that you fall back on when your hair isn’t playing nice, or when external factors are against you? That bloody sea and its predatory tactics.

wpid-20151011_172640.jpgwpid-20151011_172646.jpgI’m quite happy with it. Unsure of how I’ll feel/ it will look once I take it out. I’ll undo the plaits tomorrow and update. 

Til then I’m resitng. Rio is wonderful, but the heat tires me, oh.

Nothin’ Was The Same

Hair results, The Motion

Okay so you know how I said my hair was a dream the other night? That was short-lived. I did bugger all to my hair when I got in – I just fell asleep. 

Surprise surprise, Saturday morning it didn’t look too good. I know it’s because I hadn’t put enough product in it, hence the slight fluffy, yet-soft head of hair I rocked. 

So I began the process. 

As you can see, it was daylight – that was Saturday morning and I happily had my hair up in a neat bun. I’d ran out of my own hair conditioner, but thankfully I had just enough to cover the remaining half of my hair that, though damp, looked awful. So, the motion. 

A whole 24 hours later I took my hair out (normal for me).   

 However these were the results. Still-damp in places, conditioner dense, flat (just because it hasn’t dried out enough yet), hair. Nah.


So I put it back up and went shopping

That was around midday. It’s now 7.30pm. Isn’t it funny how sometimes, even if you do the exact same process (and use the same products – not strictly true in this case, but still), the results vary? Crazy eh?

I’ll remove the elastic and wrap it in an old t shirt tonight. Excited to see and share my results tomorrow! 

My process

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This is how I do it.    

Whilst I’m in the shower I rinse my hair and rub the roots; I no longer use shampoo. Instead I hold my head under the shower and rinse My hair for about 5 minutes. 

Post-shower and the gentlest towel-dry (just so it’s not dripping everywhere), I work the conditioner through my hair, starting at my roots and running through to the ends.


I try and stretch it out, whilst being as gentle as possible. This usually takes about 5 minutes if I’m really taking my time, but this photo was taken when I was getting ready for work: I had 8 minutes exactly. 

Once my hair is nicely conditioned, u out it up in a bun. It looks light a tight one, but you wouldn’t believe, it’s easy to wrap your hair in a bun, by carefully twisting it up.  

I usually do this before work – it takes me no more than 10 minutes for me to really work the conditioner through my hair would you believe. I then leave it in a bun, up for the whole day and sleep on it. 

– I’ve yet to invest in silk pillows or consider wrapping my hair before bed to maintain curl prettiness, but like I said, this is my process. I’ll update you when I change it. 

The following day I’ll leave my hair up, usually until the evening, when I take it out and it looks like this:

As you can see there’s a touch of product on my hair -I usually leave it and within the hour it just moisturises in, I don’t do a damn thing! 

Ignore my face, I had suncream on. 

Thoughts on my hair – do you guys like it? 

I’ve been considering changing up my process by wrapping my hair in some sort of cloth / old t shirt, for those times when I sleep on my hair and it’s a bit damp (I hate such times). 

Please share your thoughts fellow hair-bunnies. I’m considering shipping my hair conditioner out to a few fellow bloggers in the next few weeks. If you’d like some, get in touch.