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Isn’t sunshine just glorious? Golden gloops of happiness come shining down and make everything look wonderful. Fact.

Spring has broke through this side of May, and I feel like a sunshine buttercup.

During such loveliness and sudden warmth I don’t want my hair on my face, it gets in the way and I don’t need that, thanks.

So I like it back, off my face, but not always in a bun and I’ve been fawning over styles at the 2016 Met Gala and well as constantly being inspired by insta women rocking cornrows since I did my braids.
So in a bid to satisfy my lean towards freshness, a clean, youthful palette, I thought I’d strip it back and do some pretty cornrows, in a gypsy-style look. I say gypsy because I always find a middle parting more of a bohemian, just-been-chillin-in-the-forest look.

This took me 10 minutes: seperate hair, brush until smooth, put virgin coconut oil, shea butter and three drops of Rosemary essential oil in your hair, and canerow.

And I absolutely love it. I always favour a neat, pared-back look.

Happiness in a hair style, eh? Do you ever braid your hair and feel like a gypsy queen? Or an indie doll? I do.

4 thoughts on “Spring 

  1. Tammy you are looking beautiful as always. My name is Rob remember me we did a shoot with Terri in Birmingham 2007 (??). Be happy to do some more photos with you anytime. 🙂


    1. Hey, firstly thank you! And I’m
      Going to do that obnoxious things people with unbelievable skin I’m jealous of do and ask, who me?!
      No but thank you, and I have been practising a perfect skin regime for years. I use African black soap from Shea butter cottage in the shower. That’s literally it. Not loads of products, just the one. When I’m taking make up off I use Jamaican black castor on my face to warm up my skin and remove with a warm (not boiling water – I don’t want to wreck my face), cotton pad, then I moisturise using two oils I make up my self. I sell them too. Want some? 🙂 I can’t tell you how imperative it is to keep skin hydrated.

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