Cloak and dagger

Hair conditioner

I know I’ve been all cloak and dagger over the products I make to yield gorgeous curls. Apologies. I’m keeping quiet for a reason. Trust me. It’s coming.

In the interim, here are the three hair products I use when I’ve run out of raw ingredients to make my own. 

Akin, ahh this is the stuff of dreams. I usually buy this when I’ve just been paid because this stuff ain’t cheap! From £13 + a bottle, it’s a luxe buy, but it just smells so darn good and makes my hair feel lush. 

It has a buttery consistency that sinks in well, but mostly it makes my curls look and feel fantastic, soft, bouncy, but not too heavy. My only criticism is that Akin though not marketed at the Afro-Caribbean community, doesn’t add more oils that make Afro hair soft. But again, not their market. 

And there’s the more reasonable, but just as lush a product, Avalon.

I adore Avalon hair products, the shampoo is great, but it’s this Rosemary conditioner that makes my heart sing. It’s thick enough and heavily scented so my hair is both perfumed naturally and makes my curls look bloody lovely.

Admittedly Avalon conditioner because it’s quite thick, can take some time to sink into hair. But in talking 10 minutes. Can be annoying, but darlin when your hair is as thick as mine, you need a rich product. 

Sukin is another love of mine, typically found in WholeFoods, or online. 

I’ve found the Sukin hair conditioner texture a little fine at times (I only buy Protein and Nourishing), in terms of texture. And I’ve been adding a few ingredients to it to thicken it up. But when I’m not practising the motion I put this in my hair and it keeps it hydrated, smelling lovely and fresh, with creamy undertones that I love. 

Now kids, I promise, it’s coming. 


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