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Well hallo there! Good evening readers and Happy New Year, from jolly old England.


These photos were actually taken in Berlin, which was vunderbar, danke! My German is slightly off, but it got us around well enough, thanks to trying and a little effort. Everyone loves a trier, even if my syntax was a little off. 


I was also pretty happy with my hair. The day we left for Berlin I coated my hair in Remedy and put it up in a tight bun. I slept with my hair up. The pictures show my hair on the third day in glorious West Berlin, but I took it out after the first. 

On the second day it was beaut – long, stretched and slightly heavy with product, which is just how I like it. But I prefer it when it’s like this: slightly drier, bigger and softer. 


As you can see, it just sort of looks the same as always when I practise the process of wash, put conditioner in it whilst damp and put it up, where it becomes stretched and pretty.


But I love it like this. And it’s just how I like it, not to mention how I wanted to ring out the year, when I was with my sisters, exploring a new city. 

Is that so bad? I like what I like and I don’t think that’s so terrible, right? I like my hair, and it’s progress has been real.


So here’s to celebrating what you have. The present might not be exactly where you want to be and for many, the present is seen as a constant form of progress.

But I’m thankful, as you can see with my darling sisters, my loves, my two best friends who celebrate their hair, weave or not. Yes we’re all a bit like eugh when will my hair grow, but we are all thankful for what we have. I didn’t mean for this post to be like this, but hallo 2016.  

We are here. Coming at ya from beautiful Berlin, where it was freaking cool. So chilled, so relaxed and the food was superb!


And for some happiness comes in waves, but I’m telling you it’s a constant, irrespective of hair length, when I’m with my babies. 


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