Mornings, straight

Roll with it kids! 

 I haven’t washed my hair in 2 weeks. I straightened it (with straighteners), last week Monday, but haven’t done a damn thing to it since.

Rollin’ with it. Might wash it tonight. Straight has been fun 🙂

I’m not prepared to put straighteners near my hair again for another two years. I’ll put them back in my hair and beauty drawer. Maybe I’ll keep it curly for 5 years. Straight when I’m 30? God that sounds old. Too deep for a Saturday afternoon. 

Happy vibes kids. 


Buy you a drank

Hair results, Mornings

Are you ever like, sure, go ahead and buy me a drink daddy, I’m going to continue to sit here and mind my own business? Buy me what you want. I’ll just crack on with what I was doing before you interrupted.

Feelin’ my absolute self this morning. Unashamed.  

Now on to my hair. I swear it has grown over the weekend. I rubbed Morrocan argan oil into the roots on Saturday night and wooy, I woke up on Sunday to unbelievably soft hair.  

I know oils do that, but argan oil made it bloody lovely! And it straightened something beautiful!

Has anyone else used it? This is yesterday morning. It also took truly half the time to straighten (not from freshly-washed obviously, none of that silliness).

Doesn’t it look long? Also, bra by Mimi Holliday. Fits a bloody dream. And I love a bright.

Here’s the softness from this morning:

I’d never used argan oil prior to now. Absolutely love it. Although I’m not too keen on the scent.

Thoughts below please lovelies.

Good weekend?

Work hair

Yes. A big fat, shout-it-from-the-rooftops yes. Feeling like I’m on cloud nine thanks to the glorious, gorgeous people in my life. I couldn’t be more thankful. 

Just feeling grateful. 

And throwing it back to the cornrows I did for a work thang at the end of last week. Neat. Simple. Pretty? I think so.

Happy week, dear readers. Hope you’ve had a decadent weekend of relaxation. 

Easy now

Hair results

January can be a bastard. I remember feeling like I’d been punched in the face last year because I’d just got back from Venizia, had a really chilled New Years and then came back to London, sad that I was without my sisters.

This year, however, life is equally crap without them, but it’s okay. I’m reminding myself that feeling slightly-insane, let’s be real, bat-shit crazy, without my sisters is totally normal. No-one else quite understands what I mean when I’m trying to get my words out, and no one, but my big sister can calm me the way she does, with a wonderful hug, or a simple sentence that makes everything okay.

What I’m trying to say is that I miss them. I miss our conversations about nothing at all and everything that we deem important.

It is a damn effort keeping my cool, staying relaxed, and functioning well, without having them here to giggle about the silly stuff with, roll my eyes with, or just be a massive goof with.

But I’m telling myself, easy now, if they were here, I’d forget about whatever nonsense is going on in my head, and I’d realise I’ve been teetering on the edge of melodramatic for a week now, and that’s just excessive.

I miss them. But I get to see my twin sister this weekend. Sticking to Skype and FaceTime with my big sister, which will just have to do, until I get to squeeze her in person.

I’m reminding myself also, that I’m getting fitter. I’m not quite a new year, new me person. That’s just silly bollocks that makes me chuckle. I have, unexpectedly, however, been going that bit harder with my workouts. I didn’t realise how far I could push it, until I did the other week and holy moly did my body ache. It’s fun though – seeing how far you can go.

See, January ain’t so bad. And ooh look, you’re doing just fine.

Take it easy.

You’ve grown 

Hair results

Morning kittens. I straightened my hair as you saw in my second to last post, but it wasn’t quite straight-straight. Dead straight I’m talkin’.

So I straightened it again (went over it with straighteners). To be honest, this is how it is with my hair. The first time I wash it, my hair is flat and the curls aren’t to my liking. It takes about two days for it to naturally get to how I like it. The same can be said for when I starighten it.

My hair is straight today (Monday). I straightened it on Tuesday. Is it the same for you other naturalistas who try straightening your curls before you decide to revive those curls again?


Now I’d like to discuss my results considering I’ve been using my own all-natural hair conditioner to ensure strength and length for a year now.

I’m unashamedly selfish, and looking after my hair, essentially myself, makes me feel good. Disclaimer over.


Back to my hair. Was it easier to straighten after using only natural products? After two years of avoiding heat (not even a hairdryer)? Maybe. My hair was softer, definitely. And took about an hour and forty minutes to straighten. The answer? Coconut, Shea and essential oils. But it’s the quantities that matter. I cannot stress how mindful you must be re eo’s, but I digress.

Everyone at work had a bit of a moment when I came in, a few oohs and ahhs, but mostly questions, funny people. In my year and ten months at work I’ve kept it curly.

What concerns me is that they like it. Most people like it. I like it. But I also love it curly. Bah. Satisfy the masses? Look pretty? I’ll openly admit I kept it straight for a while because my ex liked it. I couldn’t feel more like fuck that. Purely selfish, curious reasons this time – did I say it’s been two years?

I know my ends don’t look too good, but I’m not fussed. I’ll no doubt trim the ends myself before I give way to my curls again.

Until then, flipping my own hair, feeling like Barbie.

Cloak and dagger

Hair conditioner

I know I’ve been all cloak and dagger over the products I make to yield gorgeous curls. Apologies. I’m keeping quiet for a reason. Trust me. It’s coming.

In the interim, here are the three hair products I use when I’ve run out of raw ingredients to make my own. 

Akin, ahh this is the stuff of dreams. I usually buy this when I’ve just been paid because this stuff ain’t cheap! From £13 + a bottle, it’s a luxe buy, but it just smells so darn good and makes my hair feel lush. 

It has a buttery consistency that sinks in well, but mostly it makes my curls look and feel fantastic, soft, bouncy, but not too heavy. My only criticism is that Akin though not marketed at the Afro-Caribbean community, doesn’t add more oils that make Afro hair soft. But again, not their market. 

And there’s the more reasonable, but just as lush a product, Avalon.

I adore Avalon hair products, the shampoo is great, but it’s this Rosemary conditioner that makes my heart sing. It’s thick enough and heavily scented so my hair is both perfumed naturally and makes my curls look bloody lovely.

Admittedly Avalon conditioner because it’s quite thick, can take some time to sink into hair. But in talking 10 minutes. Can be annoying, but darlin when your hair is as thick as mine, you need a rich product. 

Sukin is another love of mine, typically found in WholeFoods, or online. 

I’ve found the Sukin hair conditioner texture a little fine at times (I only buy Protein and Nourishing), in terms of texture. And I’ve been adding a few ingredients to it to thicken it up. But when I’m not practising the motion I put this in my hair and it keeps it hydrated, smelling lovely and fresh, with creamy undertones that I love. 

Now kids, I promise, it’s coming. 

New girl

Hair results

Hey babycakes, I feel like an absolute doll with straight hair – all hail the flippy, tossable locks that move at my whim.

It’s been two years you see. Two whole (25 months in fact) years of me tending to my curls, peacocking about that heat-free life.

But I’ve been curious and I had to scratch that itch.

I’d been thinking about straightening my hair for a few months, and by thinking about it, I mean putting it off, worrying about the damage, the effort, etc. And then Tuesday night, I just did it.

It took about an hour to straighten and came out different to the last time (two years ago). It’s long. Longer than I expected. It’s kinked up in the pictures, but it has, in fact, actually grown. Which makes me happy. It’s now down my back.

Sleep however, intervenes with the revelling in the length moment, however. But here’s a few photos of how it actually looked, thankfully, earlier in the week.

Messy, but I was never a straight-straight kinda girl. Nature interfered with that idea, hence the curls, the volume, and just-dragged-through-a-bush look. But it’s my hair, straight.

It don’t make no sense, less I’m doing it with you. I do believe I’ve become a Bieber fan. I won’t use the fan-name. I won’t do it. Oh heck. I’m a Belieber. Listening to his album whilst I write this. Keep each other company… So back to this post. Change is good. Kind of forcing myself to accept that. Loving straight hair, but I’ve always loved it straight. The hard part was accepting my hair curly. It’s still a process.


I think I speak for most naturals when I say that going to bed can be a nightmare for hair. I love sleep, and could easily spend most of my mornings in the land of nod. But those gorgeous eight hours, can, and often do turn my hair from what was an acceptable, dare I say pretty look into someone who’s never seen a brush. 

I do love it when it curls, naturally, at the ends. But I wanted it straight, so I’m keeping it like this until I wash it. 

Enjoy kids.


Home made, Reality, Three Blends

So the other day a friend said that flowers are a bit of a “cliché, really” and why on earth would I make the associations between my new hair care products and flowers. Darlin. Oh my funny, ignorant friend. My face (below).

Firstly, I welcome the question and applaud the statement. But let me explain.

Three Blends is inspired by my sisters, the two flowers that light up my life. Scorn if you want, but I’d rather you kept on reading.

Knowing the properties of plants and typically the flowering kinds, I see roses, tulips, germanium and cammomile as powerful elements of nature.

They bloom thanks to water and photosynthesis, but it amazes me that these tiny little buds turn into stunning, things of beauty that enthrall with their scent and inspire the world over with their density, potency and dream-like colours.

The properties of plants inspire medicine, the colours inspire designers, but it is the strength of just- bloomed roses, the potency of crushed petals and heady scents of flowers steeped in oil to intensify and draw out those otherwise unattainable scents that made me choose the magical flower as the mascot if you will, for Three Blends. 

Oh and crushed frangipani, coconut and lime is my favourite. Goods coming soon. Promise ya. 


Holidays, Travel

Well hallo there! Good evening readers and Happy New Year, from jolly old England.


These photos were actually taken in Berlin, which was vunderbar, danke! My German is slightly off, but it got us around well enough, thanks to trying and a little effort. Everyone loves a trier, even if my syntax was a little off. 


I was also pretty happy with my hair. The day we left for Berlin I coated my hair in Remedy and put it up in a tight bun. I slept with my hair up. The pictures show my hair on the third day in glorious West Berlin, but I took it out after the first. 

On the second day it was beaut – long, stretched and slightly heavy with product, which is just how I like it. But I prefer it when it’s like this: slightly drier, bigger and softer. 


As you can see, it just sort of looks the same as always when I practise the process of wash, put conditioner in it whilst damp and put it up, where it becomes stretched and pretty.


But I love it like this. And it’s just how I like it, not to mention how I wanted to ring out the year, when I was with my sisters, exploring a new city. 

Is that so bad? I like what I like and I don’t think that’s so terrible, right? I like my hair, and it’s progress has been real.


So here’s to celebrating what you have. The present might not be exactly where you want to be and for many, the present is seen as a constant form of progress.

But I’m thankful, as you can see with my darling sisters, my loves, my two best friends who celebrate their hair, weave or not. Yes we’re all a bit like eugh when will my hair grow, but we are all thankful for what we have. I didn’t mean for this post to be like this, but hallo 2016.  

We are here. Coming at ya from beautiful Berlin, where it was freaking cool. So chilled, so relaxed and the food was superb!


And for some happiness comes in waves, but I’m telling you it’s a constant, irrespective of hair length, when I’m with my babies.