Three Blends, almost

Hair results

Apologies for being a bit quiet on the whole Three Blends front. Everything is in its developmental stages. I can confirm that all will be sweet by the end of January, which is super exciting! I will be selling the Three Blends hair products on this blog, I promise, everything is on its way.


I’m hoping to get an assistant to help me, but it’s a tricky sitch’ at the moment and I love doing it all myself, everything by hand, I enjoy it too much to give that up right now. When I run out of time to email people back within a decent time frame, orders are coming out of my tush and I’m being paid to actually make all of this for you gorgeous people, maybe then will I get an assistant.


Until then, please know that I’m doing this all myself, no-one knows or does it the way I do, call me a perfectionist, but I frankly don’t trust anyone else to blend the way I do, package things the way do, or generally do it like it.

So please, patience fellow natural hair and beauty folk. It is coming.


Note I was writing all of the labels out my hand last night in my bedroom. Jars upon jars, tubs upon tubs, labels to my left, essential oils (lids firmly on and in alphabetical order because I cannot stand disorder) to my right, and me in the middle, writing away with my Parker.

Oh and my makeup is by my cousin Gary Thompson, freelance makeup artist, and the funniest kitten I know.


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