Festive feels

Hair results

Ahhh the festive season is here. It’s less than a week away from Christmas, both of my sisters are in London, they’re headed home tomorrow and then I literally drive home for Xmas! Not actually true, I’ll be getting the train b/c my car is at home, but yno.

Last weekend I woke up early, showered and put on my ‘Sunday’ outfit to nip to the farmers market. I’m sure everyone has such outfits: the whatever it is you’re wearing to grab groceries. I typically find myself in workout clothes, trainers too because I tend to work out / run after said shop.

Enough of my outfit and thrilling weekend activities, I absolutely loved my hair. The night before I’d washed my hair, got all the knots out through finger-combing (which I rarely practise), and slathered my hair in Remedy by Three Blends.

The results? Well, what are your thoughts? I loved it.

I left the conditioner in my hair for five days. See the process: my hair is up. I leave it like this for two days, if you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll know that this is normal for me. But I’d just like to say that during this gorgeous family and festive period I wanted my hair to look lush.

So I took my hair out.

That was Friday. Yesterday my hair was just as lovely.

This weekend has been pretty chilled so today (Sunday), and in spite of yesterday’s loveliness my hair was a back-a-bush as per, five days after my shampoo process.

Today, Sunday, I’ve put my hair up. I haven’t done anything to it. I gave it a quick rinse, not a proper one where my hair is soaking, just a quick one under the shower head, bit of a dry, and put it up in a bun. I just cba with putting stuff in it. You know those kind of days? It’s Sunday after all, and I just want to relax. Can’t imagine what my hair will look like tomorrow morning (albeit hopefully stretched).


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