Abu Dhabi

Hair results

I totally forgot to post this – just sharing the results of my hair after being up, using Three Blends dreamy conditioner, whilst on holiday in Abu Dhabi.

Oh and my twin sister makes a cameo. Feel free to completely ignore her. 

I’ll do a video of the Three Blends products as soon as the website, Twitter and Instagram is set up and I have the official branded tubs of the stuff – exciting times!

I cannot tell you how lush it is to use a 100% organic, natural, vegan product that actually works on your otherwise dry, bush-like hair. It is such a God damn relief – my hair is hydrated, genuinely softer than it has ever been, and is in the best condition of my hair. 

When I was younger my Mom used to use this one particular product that made my hair lovely, once it was soaked in, but during the interim, my twin sister and I would sit there absolutely hating the smell, feel of this watery, but slimy product that yes, weighed our hair down somewhat, but felt horrible on our shoulder (ahhh it was that long) until it dried. 

But what else are parents to do with their child’s unruly hair when society deems we need to look polished so we have friends, seem educated and go far in life? So my mom used the said product until we were old enough to do our own hair. Sigh. 

Thank God for Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and the beauty of patience. 

Note I’m uploading this whilst on the train in London. A guy reeking of stale peanuts is sitting next to me and keeps smacking his lips. Vomit x10. Next stop #anywherebuthereplease (!)


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