Mind blown

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I love me some education and learning about emulsions is an eye opener. I thought I knew all about emulsifying  waxes. Nah.

Yno when you look on the back of products and see cetearyl alcohol and think eugh that sounds dodge, but no. It’s just an emulsifier. 

I keep throwing this word around. For those that don’t know emulsifiers are the ingredients which combine water and oil. If you’re making your own products they’re your bread and butter. 

Each emulsifier is different however. I’ve experimented with olive oil-based emulsifier before thinking Ooh-natural. But it just comes off greasy and in the non-absorbent way. 

So instead I’m plumping for the natural sister emulsifier. Emu-lotion and Neals Yard natural emulsifier. I’ll post the results of the products before I send new samples out prior to the final product being dispatched.

Oh and my hair today. I took it out. I really really like it like this. Big, natural, Remedy leave-in conditioner has been absorbed, and it’s perfectly dry. I know that sounds silly, but wet hair, though gorgeous, doesn’t stay like that for long. It dries out, and the result is usually less-pretty than what it was at its damp stage.   


But I love this. 

I don’t usually post stuff about my family, but in the spirit of variety, I thought I’d show you how different our hair is, and share a little of our day. 

We went shopping. And had really good lunch at Selfridges. 

Happy holidays


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So the other morning I was a tad annoyed because I really hated my hair. And then I thought it looked cute, and then I hated it. 

I often feel such ways about my hair. These days it’s mostly love, but often, hate. But mostly love.

Happy holidays

Now watch me 

The Motion, Three Blends


 Washed my hair this morning, put Three Blends Remedy leave-in conditioner in and left it. Barely patted my hair dry post-shower because I was in such a rush to get to work (ha!) I worked it through my hair and allowed it, flat and everything, to just dry naturally. 

After 4 hours it had puffed up a tiny bit and my curls look awfully defined. Didn’t think I’d like it like this, but I do. 

After the above shot I thought I’d put it up because I want my long, stretched-out familiar curls for a family get together on the 27th. 

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Three Blends, almost

Hair results

Apologies for being a bit quiet on the whole Three Blends front. Everything is in its developmental stages. I can confirm that all will be sweet by the end of January, which is super exciting! I will be selling the Three Blends hair products on this blog, I promise, everything is on its way.


I’m hoping to get an assistant to help me, but it’s a tricky sitch’ at the moment and I love doing it all myself, everything by hand, I enjoy it too much to give that up right now. When I run out of time to email people back within a decent time frame, orders are coming out of my tush and I’m being paid to actually make all of this for you gorgeous people, maybe then will I get an assistant.


Until then, please know that I’m doing this all myself, no-one knows or does it the way I do, call me a perfectionist, but I frankly don’t trust anyone else to blend the way I do, package things the way do, or generally do it like it.

So please, patience fellow natural hair and beauty folk. It is coming.


Note I was writing all of the labels out my hand last night in my bedroom. Jars upon jars, tubs upon tubs, labels to my left, essential oils (lids firmly on and in alphabetical order because I cannot stand disorder) to my right, and me in the middle, writing away with my Parker.

Oh and my makeup is by my cousin Gary Thompson, freelance makeup artist, and the funniest kitten I know.

Festive feels

Hair results

Ahhh the festive season is here. It’s less than a week away from Christmas, both of my sisters are in London, they’re headed home tomorrow and then I literally drive home for Xmas! Not actually true, I’ll be getting the train b/c my car is at home, but yno.

Last weekend I woke up early, showered and put on my ‘Sunday’ outfit to nip to the farmers market. I’m sure everyone has such outfits: the whatever it is you’re wearing to grab groceries. I typically find myself in workout clothes, trainers too because I tend to work out / run after said shop.

Enough of my outfit and thrilling weekend activities, I absolutely loved my hair. The night before I’d washed my hair, got all the knots out through finger-combing (which I rarely practise), and slathered my hair in Remedy by Three Blends.

The results? Well, what are your thoughts? I loved it.

I left the conditioner in my hair for five days. See the process: my hair is up. I leave it like this for two days, if you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll know that this is normal for me. But I’d just like to say that during this gorgeous family and festive period I wanted my hair to look lush.

So I took my hair out.

That was Friday. Yesterday my hair was just as lovely.

This weekend has been pretty chilled so today (Sunday), and in spite of yesterday’s loveliness my hair was a back-a-bush as per, five days after my shampoo process.

Today, Sunday, I’ve put my hair up. I haven’t done anything to it. I gave it a quick rinse, not a proper one where my hair is soaking, just a quick one under the shower head, bit of a dry, and put it up in a bun. I just cba with putting stuff in it. You know those kind of days? It’s Sunday after all, and I just want to relax. Can’t imagine what my hair will look like tomorrow morning (albeit hopefully stretched).

Abu Dhabi pt.2

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Winter has well and truly set in. In the UK anyway, so I’m throwing this back to three weeks ago, where my hair was soaking up the rays of the Arabian desert this side of the UAE and my whole soul was drinking up the warmth that is Abu Dhabi.  
In this part of the world you need suglasses 24/7. Yes. Promise to talk about my hair now.

What are your thoughts on it? The above and below photos are my hair results after being coated in Three Blends Dreamy hair conditioner. 

In the overhead photos my hair was drying out, three days after being in Abu Dhabi. I like it. Think the sun helps.

You already know about the above hair results because of my video in my last post. 

But my hair below was the results of it being ‘out’ of the process I practice in order to yield pretty hair that doesn’t scare the kids. It was also the last day of my holiday, oh and that’s when we went to the Grand Prix. 


Or yalla (c’mere, hurry, come on!)

Abu Dhabi

Hair results

I totally forgot to post this – just sharing the results of my hair after being up, using Three Blends dreamy conditioner, whilst on holiday in Abu Dhabi.

Oh and my twin sister makes a cameo. Feel free to completely ignore her. 

I’ll do a video of the Three Blends products as soon as the website, Twitter and Instagram is set up and I have the official branded tubs of the stuff – exciting times!

I cannot tell you how lush it is to use a 100% organic, natural, vegan product that actually works on your otherwise dry, bush-like hair. It is such a God damn relief – my hair is hydrated, genuinely softer than it has ever been, and is in the best condition of my hair. 

When I was younger my Mom used to use this one particular product that made my hair lovely, once it was soaked in, but during the interim, my twin sister and I would sit there absolutely hating the smell, feel of this watery, but slimy product that yes, weighed our hair down somewhat, but felt horrible on our shoulder (ahhh it was that long) until it dried. 

But what else are parents to do with their child’s unruly hair when society deems we need to look polished so we have friends, seem educated and go far in life? So my mom used the said product until we were old enough to do our own hair. Sigh. 

Thank God for Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and the beauty of patience. 

Note I’m uploading this whilst on the train in London. A guy reeking of stale peanuts is sitting next to me and keeps smacking his lips. Vomit x10. Next stop #anywherebuthereplease (!)


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So I’m back. Hello England. 

That’s how I went to work on Monday. Slightly more rested thanks to a totally chilled Sunday (I landed on Saturday evening), but this is how I looked on Sunday morning, after rising at 6am and realising I was grateful to be alive.

I was pissed on Saturday night about being home and away from my darling sisters, but the following morning, I was, in fact, the most relaxed, happy and satisfied I’d been in a long time.

Oh and why the bun? I needed to wash my hair. I actually washed it too, with this shampoo: Sukin protein shampoo. It has a natural, herbal, creamy scent, which I love.

I then decided to keep my hair up the rest of the week. It feels like I’ve been back for ages when I look at these pictures. It’s only been four days at work (!) but I am so ready for the weekend. I took my hair out yesterday, after it has been up for two days.

But after changing during lunch time, for a fancy soirée, I thought I’d put it back up:

The photo isn’t the best, but my ends seemed dry, I didn’t need that. What do you guys think? Hair up for a work ‘do, I thought was suitably appropriate and really helped my hair; today my hair has felt so soft and nourished; I think it needed that extra day of moisture soaking in.

So my hair has been up all week. Unexpected, unplanned, but I like it. I guess after a week of sunshine my hair needed the hair-mask approach I’ve unintentionally been practising all week.

Do you guys ever do this? Unintentionally nourish your hair?

Today it’s gorgeous, big and gorgeous, I’ll show you later.