Hair results

You know when you don’t really plan for nice hair because your plans are fluid right now and you might go out, but you might not, depends on your feelings, yeah? 


 Well I might be out tomorrow, haven’t really thought about my hair. But I like it this morning.

Unprepared, but I’ve got soft, tumbling curls? Yes to today!    

 I used Akin avocado conditioner in my hair yesterday morning. Hair up all day. Slept on it, took it out this morning expecting it to be a bit dry, but nah, loving my morning hair!  

  Readers, do you have such fortuitous times where your hair is just lovely even though you haven’t gone through your usual process and haven’t thought twice and your hair for any particular event? I am grateful for such times! 

Promise I’ll do a post about Akin products tonight. 


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