Hair results, Mornings, Three Blends

Big news: I’m launching the Three Blends haircare range! 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out a few variations of the hair conditioners I’ve always wanted and I’ve fallen for the results. 

Unlike the stuff I’ve made in the past, thanks to a lot of trial and error, I can proudly announce that Three Blends products are flawless: a 100% organic, vegan, thick, luxurious cream that smells wonderful and does just as good thanks to the properties of the oils I have used.

They’re made for hair like mine and I can’t wait to share it all with everyone! 

The results speak for themselves.

Happiness and light found in the face of danger. Continuing to pray re this weekend’s tragedy – Paris.


Hair results

You know when you don’t really plan for nice hair because your plans are fluid right now and you might go out, but you might not, depends on your feelings, yeah? 


 Well I might be out tomorrow, haven’t really thought about my hair. But I like it this morning.

Unprepared, but I’ve got soft, tumbling curls? Yes to today!    

 I used Akin avocado conditioner in my hair yesterday morning. Hair up all day. Slept on it, took it out this morning expecting it to be a bit dry, but nah, loving my morning hair!  

  Readers, do you have such fortuitous times where your hair is just lovely even though you haven’t gone through your usual process and haven’t thought twice and your hair for any particular event? I am grateful for such times! 

Promise I’ll do a post about Akin products tonight. 

Fall back: buns

Hair results


Oh my God! – looks at her bun.


Laziness happens to the busiest, the driven. Function paves the way for speed, and my dear friends, I have become a time-poor bunny who favours the fast, free and fun.

So the last noun and adjective weren’t negative, but getting something done quickly, without compromise, has been my fall back as of late. While I’m all about the effort, I couldn’t be more thankful for the bun.

I only realised I’d had my hair up all week, when a new work colleague said they ‘loved’ my hair out. I was like “oh, oh yeah”, I hadn’t noticed that I’d been all about that bun life. I’m definitely going to try keeping my hair down, as opposed to up, now because big is beautiful.

Happy Saturday.

Supporting others : Three Blends

Three Blends

I’ve decided to forgo making my own hair conditioners in favour of supporting a friend, and shouting about their brand instead: Three Blends.

Call me crazy, and no I’m not getting paid for this,  but said friend needs help, and I’d only hope my circle of friends would offer me their hand if I ask. And said friend is asking.

I won’t lie, Three Blends is the best I’ve used for my hair and having met the owner, I know how much research the worker bees do, speaking with and creating hair conditioners for women with curly/afro/thirsty hair.

I’m happy to be supporting. As soon as Three Blends becomes a reality, I’ll let you know, until then, keeping you all informed re the results on my hair (too right I’m sampling the goods).


Work hair

I love a new look. Braids, in any shape or form have been my recent love. I adore a cute / neat / dressed up or down braided look.    I’ll admit that I’m slightly obsessed with Zoe Kravitz, alas I do not have he energy to plait single braids all over my head. Call it laziness, but when I have a whole spare day, I’ll do it. Until then, I’m favouring the much-hated look as a child – two cornrows.

I think it’s because I now have the confidence to enjoy my natural hair
and frankly don’t care what others think so much.
I have embraced my natural hair, but I am also keen to try other styles and treatments that protect, soften and flatter my unruly curls.
Two days after having my hair braided I thought I’d brush it out, rinse, ‘wash’ and go back to my normal style for a work event. 

  After my hair was up in a not-so-tight bun I took it out, and honestly, wasn’t too happy with the results.
It was dry, small, and, poofy. I hate it when it looks like this. Admittedly I’d used a store-bought conditioner that just doesn’t contain the amount of oils I’m used to. 

 It worked for the evening however. 

Do you guys often braid your hair – for reasons other than out of pure functionality? I love a familiar look, but I’m partial to change. Open to it, even.