Hair though

Hair results

Drumroll please. After my hair being up all week, this is the result: big, wild, all soft.   I love my hair like this. Love the way it falls; how it hangs; how it opens up like a wild flower. 

The photos below however, are not the result of my normal process.   I put my hair up in a bun on Wednesday (in Rio), and around 24 hours later, I was back on British soil, with a potentially-perfect head of hair. That wasn’t quite the case though. I hated the smell. Un-organic, I wanted my conditioner, my Rosemary/vanilla/lime.

So I washed the conditioner out and coated it in my sweet-blend conditioner on Thursday eve, and left it up in a bun for about 12 hours.

 I took it out and it was gorgeous albeit a tad damp, totes fine. I did however, put it up again after about 5 hours and the next day, it looked like this: 

 Happy days. 

 Love it when my hair finally plays ball. 

  Big and bouncy. Toothy too.



2 thoughts on “Hair though

  1. Hey my love, your hair looks great in these posts! Can’t believe you went to Brazil too, super super jealous. Also, I noticed in one of your older posts you mentioned about how you don’t use shampoo anymore?! How does this work?! teach me ! lol xx

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    1. Thank you, and yes Rio was unbelievable, truly, if you can go, do. Re my aversion to shampoo…its incredibly easy, would you believe. I simply wash my roots, no shampoo needed, or required, ever again (unless I’m in a room full of smoke/ a cow pat), if you’d like a more detailed response, I can email? Thank you for getting in touch 🙂


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