Fall back

Reality, Work hair

Say Brazil to anyone and they conjure up their own images of paradise with Sugarloaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer thrown in somewhere. Rio, for me, instantly makes me think about food, the beaches and of course, the women.  

I’d always imagined Brazilian women to be goddesses: women with wavy/curly hair, gorgeously tanned bodies and chilled attitudes to match. The reality was a whole lot better, the women are breathtakingly beautiful, it’s quite unbelievable.

Desperate to fit in, I thought I’d keep my hair out this week – leave it big and bouncy.

It’s funny how hair plans go to pot quicker than I imagine. So post-cornrows I thought I’d give it a wash and leave it out.

That was a dumb idea, so instead I plumped for a fall-back bun.  

Cute, neat, and done in a matter of seconds, I was happy. Not quite what I’d planned, but it would do for a day.

Note this was day 1 of the conference, and a day after the cute plaited look.

While I loved the plaits, I wasn’t too happy with how my hair looked once I took them out. Bit of a wash and some conditioner later, I sought to make my hair look half decent for the rest of the time I’d been scheduled for this trip, with the goal of taking it out after one day.

Again reality hit when my hair simply wasn’t playing. So the above images are day one of the conference (day 3 of 5 in Rio).

Plans kept going to pot when my hair just looked crap. I wasn’t used to the store-bought non-organic conditioner, and my hair didn’t like it either. So again, hair up for sheer speed. Sigh.

The second to last (but final night for me) conference soirée beckoned. Whispers had been going around that this was a casual affair, but it was my last night. So I brought out the dress. Minimal makeup, and sadly, hair up, it seemed to work – allow the dress to do the work.

So my whole time I’d been in the lively city that is Rio de Janeiro I didn’t get to show off my curls, and sadly try and fit in with the local goddesses, not to put too fine a point on it. Oh well. My hair will look half decent tomorrow because I’m home and I finally have my product in my hair. As per, I’ll update.

Have anyone else’s hair plans gone completely to pot for far too long for you to like? Do comment, I’d love to hear your hair stories.


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