Nothin’ Was The Same

Hair results, The Motion

Okay so you know how I said my hair was a dream the other night? That was short-lived. I did bugger all to my hair when I got in – I just fell asleep. 

Surprise surprise, Saturday morning it didn’t look too good. I know it’s because I hadn’t put enough product in it, hence the slight fluffy, yet-soft head of hair I rocked. 

So I began the process. 

As you can see, it was daylight – that was Saturday morning and I happily had my hair up in a neat bun. I’d ran out of my own hair conditioner, but thankfully I had just enough to cover the remaining half of my hair that, though damp, looked awful. So, the motion. 

A whole 24 hours later I took my hair out (normal for me).   

 However these were the results. Still-damp in places, conditioner dense, flat (just because it hasn’t dried out enough yet), hair. Nah.


So I put it back up and went shopping

That was around midday. It’s now 7.30pm. Isn’t it funny how sometimes, even if you do the exact same process (and use the same products – not strictly true in this case, but still), the results vary? Crazy eh?

I’ll remove the elastic and wrap it in an old t shirt tonight. Excited to see and share my results tomorrow! 


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