So lately.


Way back when (Saturday) my hair looked half decent


Post interrupted be she there’s a rather long-legged spider on the floor in my bathroom. One second *gets a glass* 

So. Lately I’ve been short of time, which makes me prioritise aka forget about my hair. It’s the least of my problems, in fact it is not a problem at all. I simply have far more pressing issues than hair maintenance (like momentarily trapping a spider until I put it outside). 

When you’re time-poor, how do you handle your hair? Please comment below. 

It has been five days since my hair has been rinsed, deeply conditioned, or had any sort of extra conditioning moisture. 

Five days is typically my cut of point. Consequently my hair currently resembles a dry, and short bush in the middle of a drought. 

I’ll remedy it in the morning. Now I need to sleep. 

– Please do share your tips, it would be nice to know how I can keep, or at least attempt to make my hair look good without the effort of going through the motion again. 


6 thoughts on “Time

  1. Spray bottles do the trick…I mix a 1tbsp of any moisturizer (mostly cantu),1tbsp leave in condish or hair milk(Eden body works peppermint&teatree is my fave),1tbsp coconut oil and the rest of the bottle is filled with water…quick shake! Spray whenever your too occupied…times like this I get the hair cornrowed or single twist for my wig!!


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