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I love that happy and relieved sigh that comes with good hair. You unwrap / let it down / untwist and hold your breath for the worst, but when it goes like this >>>>>>> everything is just bloody fantastic.

Call it vanity, but if you don’t have hair like mine, or Afro hair, you simply don’t understand. The struggle is real and when I say it’s a relief that your hair looks good, it fucking is.
  But more about the story behind this hair. It was my friend’s birthday and I had planned on having my hair out (!) no cause for alarm, it just meant I needed to prepare. I had ‘washed’ my hair and put plenty of conditioner in it on Friday morning (the day before). Only Saturday afternoon (4.30pm) did I take my hair out, and in my opinion, it came out lovely.

Time is essential when it comes to the look and feel of my hair. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s a key factor with my hair. Firstly you need to be patient. Then you must allow the conditioner to do its work. That means thoroughly putting enough in your hair and leaving it to condition. It sounds obvious, but I cannot tell you the amount of times I have hurriedly put conditioner in my hair and the results were dire (white blobs through damp/dry/lank hair).

This seems rather tedious I know. Waiting, hoping and praying for good hair, but my hair is in the best condition of its life, so I’m sharing.

So we’d been out for about 8 hours following the untwist of my hair. When we got back home around 12.30 my hair looked like this:

I couldn’t complain. It has bushed a little, but I like that kind of body. It had basically retained its shape and stayed big. I really think it’s due to both the time it was ‘held’ in one place thanks to the bun, but also quality if my hair conditioner.

To achieve hair like this I used Avalon Organics Rosemary Volumising Conditioner. It’s thick and coats hair with natural ingredients including hair-loving essential oils.

Interestingly with the above picture my hair was dry as it could be considering I’d not put any conditioner anywhere near my head for 6 days. Amazingly, however, it looked like this. Now I like it when my hair does this. It’s typically like this after 5 days of not washing, but I might put something in it. Clearly my hair was thriving on what was in it initially and it stayed good! Whoo!!!


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  1. I really love your hair! We are on this natural hair journey together. Lets support each other. Follow me on instagram/facebook/Twitter/youtube @skaysopeachy 🙂 I nominated you for a Blogger Award. Check it out on my page.

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