Watch me grow


Too long have I lusted after the locks of others, so I started to treat mine with home-made natural products. Two years on, here I am with stronger, fuller, longer and softer hair than I’ve ever had.

Follow my journey for hair that retains its bounce without much effort. It sounds ambitious, but I’ve got this far (and four inches longer), doing it my way and shunning the ‘natural’ products on the market in favour of making my own, naturally of course.

Now watch me grow.


3 thoughts on “Watch me grow

  1. Why hellooo my love! Lovely to see you’re on your natural hair journey! I’m 4 years in myself and would never think to go back! It boosts you so much as a person to truly accept your natural form and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am without having had this experience! I’m making notes on the natural conditioner you use as I’m still yet to make my own ! (Just being extremely lazy haha) So thank you for sharing that. I would also recommend, as I’m not sure if you do this, but to also get your hair cut regularly! Seriously ! My hair doesn’t feel healthy unless its been cut within the last 8 weeks lol Regular hair cuts, and deep conditioning is my life lol anyway thank you for your comments, I look forward to seeing more posts ! Happy Thursday xx

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    1. 🙂 I hate having my hair cut!!! I’ve resorted to trimming the ends as and when I feel like it (not often at all!) because I hate it! Ugh you’v reminded me I should definitely give it a trim, or seriously consider going to the hairdressers for a proper cut, but oh! More posts will come 🙂 xx

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  2. I hate getting my hair cut as well its always scary when it come to curly hair. I had googled salons for curly hair here in my state and 3 places came up one that have curly hair pictures on their site of actual clients.
    I have had a few bad cuts in my days. Good luck on your Awesome blog!!

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